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Information on organisation Department of Wood Processing

Department of Wood Processing
Katedra základního zpracování dřeva
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KZZD 43230 katedra

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Němec Miroslav, Ing.

Information on organisation

Teaching of wood engineering course, in which is the Department of Wood Science and Technology deeply involved, has been taking since the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental was established in 1994. Department of Wood Science and Technology in its present appearance established in 2003, when the Department of wood harvesting and wood processing divided into two separates departments. Currently our department is encouraging its activities within the faculty.
The department is within its activities covering wide range of wood technology including: wood anatomy and wood properties, primary wood processing, wood based products manufacturing include furniture manufacturing, timber construction and wood based products engineering.
Educational activity:
The department is providing most of the specialized subjects for Wood technology and wood products courses. Wide range of teaching subjects is covering mostly all issues of wood technology. Specialized teaching subjects are focused on wood anatomy, timber technology, wood based materials production, wood utilization also engineering of wood products (furniture construction) and furniture manufacturing technologies. Within the teaching activities is the department organizing excursions to leading companies in wood processing sector. For the students the department is publishing lectures notes and multimedia applications focused on different range of teaching subjects.
Research activity:
Research work is manly oriented on studies of processing capacities and consequent strategies of forestry. Other important area is the research activities of utilization noncommercial but valuable domestic wood species and introduced tree species. Very important part within the research activities takes the research of wood properties and wood based materials properties. Projects are commonly solved within different grants and in cooperation with companies. Currently the department is dealing with problems of small and middle businesses in wood processing chain. Results of research activities are published at international conferences, professional journals and monographs (e.g. The Tropical wood species, The Sawmill industry technologies).
International contacts:
The department is closely cooperating with the universities manly within central Europe region. Very close cooperation is with the TU Zvolen and the University of Zagreb (prof.dr.sc.dr.h.c.Vlado Goglia, Department of manufacturing engineering, Faculty of Forestry, University Zagreb, Croatia). Evolving relations are with other departments within the European Union (Vaxjo - Sweden, Madrid - Spain), or even Asia (Kastamonu - Turkey) and Russia (Doc. Ing. Evgeny Juryevič Razumov, CSc. Volga State University of Technology, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia). The department is actively cooperating with international professional associations through the memberships of departmental researchers.
Other activities:
The departmental laboratories are equipped for complete testing of mechanical and physical wood properties. The facility include own workshop with dry kiln, chamber for fenolformaldehyd emission analyses. The department owns one of the largest collection of tropical wood species, which is still extending.
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