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Information on organisation Sustainability and Development Office

Sustainability and Development Office
Oddělení rozvoje a udržitelnosti
Abbreviation Code Workplace type
ORU 99180 oddělení

Workplace management

Vice-Rector for Development and Sustainability:
Vlková Eva, prof. Ing. Ph.D.

Workplace members

Dvořáková Simona, Ing.
Vlková Eva, prof. Ing. Ph.D.

Information on organisation

Other activities:
The Sustainability and Development Office (CSR Office) was established based on the growing need to address responsible and sustainable development goals comprehensively and coordinately at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (CZU). A few activities and projects with a primary or secondary focus on social responsibility and sustainability are created every year at CZU. The implementation itself is often provided by individual faculties. The CSR department aims for cross-faculty coordination, centralized promotion, sharing good practices and spreading awareness among students, staff, and the public.
Education, creative activity, strategic management, and university operation are in line with the long-term goals and sustainability strategy. CZU annually publishes its actions and performance in individual areas of sustainable development and social responsibility in the CSR Report. The CSR department processes the Sustainability Report, organizes the CSR conference, and manages the CZU Campus Sustainability Challenge student competition. He participates as a coordinator on behalf of CZU in the Centralized Development Program of the Ministry of Education and Culture University leaders in SDG (UNILEAD), which deals with joint activities to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
The Vice-Rector for Development and Sustainability is the Chairman of the Council for Sustainable Development (Council), which is the Rector's permanent professional advisory body in the field of sustainable development. The council mainly participates in the preparation of conceptual and methodological materials in the field of sustainable development, evaluates the implementation of strategies with regard to the principles of sustainable development and long-term priorities, discusses and recommends the basic directions of the CZU procedure in promoting a greater degree of coordination and cooperation of all workplaces, identifies current problems in the field of sustainable development and recommends appropriate measures and subsequently monitors and evaluates their implementation.
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