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Information on organisation Department of Physics

Department of Physics
Katedra fyziky
Abbreviation Code Workplace type
KF 31120 katedra

Workplace management

Libra Martin, prof. Ing. CSc.
Assistant manager:
Blahovec Jiří, prof. Ing. RNDr. DrSc.
Sedláček Jan, RNDr. Ph.D.
Fořtová Jana
IT Contact:
Libra Martin, prof. Ing. CSc.
Editor CV:
Libra Martin, prof. Ing. CSc.
Sedláček Jan, RNDr. Ph.D.
Editor CV:
Sedláček Jan, RNDr. Ph.D.

Workplace members

Belza Radek, Ing. Ph.D.
Blahovec Jiří, prof. Ing. RNDr. DrSc.
Bouček Jiří, Ing.
DIONE Marcel
Fořtová Jana
Havrlík Matouš, Ing.
Jelen Stanislav, RNDr.
Kouřím Pavel, Ing.
Kozelka Martin, Ing.
Lev Jakub, Ing. Ph.D.
Libra Martin, prof. Ing. CSc.
Mrázek David, Ing.
Pačes Marek, Ing.
Petrík Tomáš, Ing.
Poulek Vladislav, prof. Ing. CSc.
Sedláček Jan, RNDr. Ph.D.
Šafránková Jana, Ing. Ph.D.
Šuláková Sylva, Ing.
Uhlíř Ivan, prof. Ing. DrSc.
Zholobov Maksim

Information on organisation

The department was based in 1952 as a common site for mathematicians and physicians at Faculty of Mechanization of the new independent University of Agriculture in Prague. The physical branch was separated from the mathematical branch very early in 1952. The fist head of the Department of Physics was Associate Professor RNDr. Václav Pospíšil, pure physicist oriented to methodology of teaching. After his dead in 1961 the Department of Physics was headed for 29 years by Professor Radoš Řezníček, DSc. Under his managing, the department increased from the initial nine persons (1955) up to twenty persons at the end of the 1980-s. At that time number of teachers oscillated between 6-11 depending on different additional courses taught by the department (Cybernetics, Agrophysics, etc.). The staff increase was caused by important participation of the department in the research activities including their co-ordination. Between 1990 and 2006, the department was headed by Associate Professor Josef Pecen, PhD, which also participated in the University management. From 2006 the department is headed by Professor Jiří Blahovec, DSc.
Historically the department continued in style and activities of predecessors from Czech Technical University, from which the new University of Agriculture was sprang. It was the so called technical physics that was described in voluminous Horak’s textbook Technical physics. In time the proportions of the taught problems and methods of explanations were changed to such problems, which were oriented more to biology and ecology. It was caused not only by the University needs, but also by the influence of research, which was organized on the department for long time and this style of work continues up to this time.
Educational activity:
The stuff of the department save the basic physic courses on whole University dimensions with exception of the Faculty of Economics. Moreover some special subjects were taught: Agromaterials, Technical Measurement and Physical Energetics. The Agromaterials and Physical Energetics as well as one basic course of Physics are taught also in English.
Research activity:
Research activities of the department are oriented to application of Physics to solving the research and practical problems in Agriculture and Food Engineering. The properties of the materials and/or products are mapped, described and explained, trying to find relations to their structure and their quality as well. The original sight of the research is strong holding up by laboratory upcountry too and the research is supported by participation of the department in research intention of the faculty. The research is organized within the scope of the Laboratory of Physical and Technological Properties of Agricultural Materials - see http://labphys.tf.czu.cz/, http://pmalabs.tf.czu.cz/. In last time, the physical energetics started to study with special respect photovoltaics, monitoring and measurement of airborne release concentration. The laboratory of physical power engineering at the department of physics deals with photovoltaic energy conversion and with construction of solar photovoltaic systems - see http://tf.czu.cz/~libra/labor.htm.
International contacts:
The international contacts can be divided into two groups: the traditional with institutions in Poland, Germany and Great Britain, and new ones in which the bearing relations to the University departments in Greece and Japan can be included. The first group contains very effective relations, formulated into bilateral agreements and the international associations. It is hoped that new relations will change into the same style in very short time. The department has good relation with the partner department of Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra.
Other activities:
Témata bakalářských a diplomových prací viz https://badis.czu.cz/badis/.
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