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Information on organisation Department of Gardening

Department of Gardening
Katedra zahradní a krajinné architektury
Abbreviation Code Workplace type
KZKA 21350 katedra

Workplace management

Jebavý Matouš, doc. Ing. Ph.D.
Skalická Jitka, Ing. Ph.D.
Skalická Jitka, Ing. Ph.D.
IT Contact:
Kunt Miroslav, Ing. Ph.D.
Editor CV:
Halamová Jana, Ing. Ph.D.
Editor CV:
Kunt Miroslav, Ing. Ph.D.

Workplace members

Augustin Martin, Ing. arch. Ph.D.
Bartoňová Denisa, Ing.
Ezechel Miroslav, Ing.
Grulich Jiří, Ing.
Halamová Jana, Ing. Ph.D.
Hendrych Jan
Hnízdil Aleš, doc. akad. soch.
Holasová Lenka, Ing.
Jebavý Matouš, doc. Ing. Ph.D.
Kadlecová Petra, Bc. Ing. Ph.D.
Kunt Miroslav, Ing. Ph.D.
Máčalík Lukáš, Ing.
Martínek Lukáš, Ing. Bc.
Pšikalová Lucie, Ing. Ph.D.
Roith Matyáš, Ing. arch.
Skalická Jitka, Ing. Ph.D.
Syřišťová Veronika, Ing. MgA.
Tomsová Jitka, Ing. Ph.D.
Turba Maxim, Ing.
Vacek Oldřich, RNDr. CSc.
Vaněk Jan, doc. Ing. arch. CSc.
Vaněk Jindřich, Ing.
Zlatohlávková Eliška, PhDr. Ph.D.

Information on organisation

Our Department of Garden and Landscape Architecture conducts formal teaching of the named subjects as well as conducting the research in this field. Our Bachelor Program graduates in Production and Landscaping (ATZZ) are preparing to continue their study in the Master Program and two professional Bachelor programs, namely Gardening (ABZ) and Garden Landscaping (in the 2nd and 3rd year of study this subject is presented in cooperation with VOŠZ Mělník.) The Bachelor programs are followed with the program named Garden Creativity (AMZO) on Master level where the dendrology and vegetation modification planning is emphasized, both in intravilan and countryside. The finished graphic works are routinely displayed in the Life Science University display rooms. Some subjects are augmented by guest presentation employing leading specialists experienced in practical application of the presented subjects. Beside the lectures and workshops conducted in the university presentation rooms the learning is supplemented with visits to see the historical and present garden and nature landscaping places of interest. In the past, the Lednice-Valtice area, the City of Hradec Králové and Pardubice greenery, the English, French, Dutch, German, and Italian parks and gardens served as some examples of the case.
Research activity:
The Department participates in the research aim of the Czech University of the Life Science called The Sustained Farming, Quality Farm Products, Landscape and Natural Resources. The grants help to finance the following long range projects: - Digitalization of wood plants on the University of Life Science grounds, - Digitalization of the wood plants on the Prague Castle grounds, - Utilization of the university sewage and demolition rubble for making grass augmenting tiles to replant dry and sloped areas. - Wood plants cultivation in the EU market. Very important part of the departmental work is planning the project activities (modifying vegetation, dendrology explorations, etc.)
Other activities:
In addition, we are planning to cooperate with The Czech Chamber of Architects, National Protection Institute in Kroměříž, National Protection Center Veltrusy.
Woody plants on the University of Life Science grounds
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