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Information on organisation Department of Trade and Finance

Department of Trade and Finance
Katedra obchodu a financí
Abbreviation Code Workplace type
KOF 11210 katedra

Workplace management

Smutka Luboš, prof. Ing. Ph.D.
Assistant manager:
Šánová Petra, Ing. Ph.D.
Beranová Markéta, Ing. Ph.D.

Workplace members

Abrhám Josef, doc. Ing. Ph.D.
Alloh Karel, Ing.
Beranová Markéta, Ing. Ph.D.
Bergnerová Aranka, Ing.
Bilan Yuriy, prof.
Bína Filipová Dana, Ing.
Bočok Vojtěch, Ing.
Brož David, Ing.
Civín Lubomír, doc. Ing. CSc., MBA
Čábelková Inna, doc. Ing. Ph.D.
Drabik Dušan, Ing. Ph.D.
Dvořák Marek, Ing. Ph.D., Ing.Paed.IGIP
Fandi Ghaeth, Ing. Ph.D.
Firsova Nadezda, Ing.
Ghanem Safwan, Ing.
Hes Aleš, doc. Ing. CSc.
Hinke Jana, doc. Ing. Ph.D.
Jindřichovská Irena, doc. Ing. CSc.
Kluger Vít, Ing.
Kontsevaya Stanislava, Ing.
Krivko Mikhail, Ing. Ph.D.
Křečková Renáta, Ing.
Kuchařová Ivana, Ing. Ph.D.
Kukalová Gabriela, Ing. Ph.D., MBA
Kurek Katarzyna Anna, Dr.
Lőrinczová Enikő, Ing. Ph.D.
Mareš David, Ing. Ph.D., MBA
Moravec Lukáš, Ing. Ph.D.
Navrátilová Miroslava, Ing.
Ortikov Akhmadjon
Pártlová Petra, doc. Ing. Ph.D.
Petržílka Slavibor, Ing.
Pfeiferová Daniela, Ing. Ph.D.
Rain Tomáš, Ing. Ph.D.
Regnerová Olga, Ing. Ph.D.
Rehabi Mohammad, PhDr. Mgr.
Ric Tomáš, Ing.
Rohan Jan, Ing. PhD.
Rotterová Svitlana, Mgr.
Schilla Filip, Ing.
Smutka Luboš, prof. Ing. Ph.D.
Soukupová Jana, Ing. Ph.D.
Strielkowski Wadim, PhDr. Ph.D.
Szymkowiak Andrzej, Ph.D.
Šálková Daniela, doc. Ing. Ph.D.
Šánová Petra, Ing. Ph.D.
Šišková Jitka, Ing. Ph.D.
Špírková Eva, Ing.
Štáfek Pavel, Ing. Ph.D.
Tabák Ladislav
Toušek Zdeněk, Ing. Ph.D.
Ulrich Milan, Ing.
Vondráček Martin, Ing.
Yekimov Sergiy, Dr. Ph.D.
Zhytna Olesya, Ing.

Information on organisation

Department of Business and Finance was established in 1991 as a result of pedagogical and research activities of the Faculty of Economics and Management of CUA in Prague restructuring and transformation. The professional focus of the Department built up efficient preconditions for the graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Management of CUA in Prague expert profile creating particularly based on business and finance branches. The Department formed a system framework of specialties which cover fields of business, trade, marketing and finance both at the basic theoretical level and at the practical application level at short notice. The educational and research focus was not concentrate on the agrarian sector only. As the openness of the Czech Republic market was increasing the Department was placing emphasis particularly on the fundamental theoretical aspects exercisable in other industries as in banking system, financial engineering, foreigner trade and small or medium business enterprise. By the middle of the nineties the Department extended its range of activities and it focused on development of theoretical findings in international context requested by business practice and by the labor market changes.
The Department ranks among the profile workplaces not only within the Faculty but also within the University. It offers academic education at all levels of bachelor, master and doctoral curricula covering fields of business, trade, finance, tax system, accounting systems, quality control of agricultural products, food quality and food certification. The Department applies updated educational methods as modern software products. Research activities ofthe Department are focused on developing factors of agrarian international trade and consecutive industries as well as on ecological and sustainable development of agriculture.
Educational activity:
The Department guides students to system comprehension of both internal company processes and exchange processes in relation to goods, finance and information. The situation in the Czech agrarian sector economy requests graduates armed by qualifications, acquirement and knowledge so they can coordinate the above mentioned process successfully in various sectors of globalized economy. The lectors of the Department continually develop structure and contents of subjects guaranteed. The subjects form not only theoretical background but they particularly deepen professional specialization of students. As a result of the above mentioned progress of the Department is that the students’ interest in attending the subjects guaranteed by the Department currently exceeds the capacity of the Department.
Research activity:
The Department actively participates in faculty and internal scientific research projects. The Department’s experts solve internal and external grant projects obtained from the Universities Development Fund, Czech Science Foundation and FEM Science Foundation. The grants are focused particularly on trade, food quality, accounting and finance. The Department’s publication activity is closely related to active participation of the Department’s members at conferences and workshops home and abroad.
International contacts:
International cooperation of the Department is targeted to the top rated departments of the Universities abroad.
Other activities:
The Department co-operates with subjects from the business sphere and offers professional consultancy within the field of trade, food quality, accounting and finance. The Department arranges professional workshops and courses for business companies and entrepreneurs from all sectors of economy not only from the agrarian sector. The Department establishes new ties with important agriculture and food processing corporations within students´ practice and educational excursions.
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